About Our Bins

Econowaste wheelie bins are much easier to use than the council rubbish bags, and they won’t attract the attention of neighbourhood animals.

All of our rubbish bins are made from durable materials.

Econowaste Bins carries three sizes of bins:

  1. the 80 Litre – suitable for 1.5 rubbish sacks (not available in Wellingto & Porirua cities and suburbs)
  2. the 120 Litre (small size) – suitable for 2-3 person household
  3. the 240 Litre (standard size) – suitable for a 4 or more person household

The 80 litre bin, 120 litre bin, and 240 litre bin


Our wheelie bins are collected on a weekly basis. Check out the pricing page for more details on how much collection costs for the different sizes.

There are only a few items we ask you not to put in the bins. These include:
  • Concrete
  • Stones
  • Steel
  • Oils
  • Hot ashes/liquids
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt/Sand
  • Hazardous/Flammable material
  • Any items that can’t be compacted

IMPORTANT: We can’t take these items, so please don’t put them in your bins!

We operate a Kerbside service only. You will need to have the ability to ensure your wheelie bin is able to be collected with a mechanised truck. We have a No Reverse policy, this means that our trucks will not reverse up right of ways, drive ways, streets etc.