About Us

100% NZ Owned & Operated

Our Story Starts and Ends with Proudly Local, Proudly 100% Kiwi Owned.

Ten years ago, we put our heads together to take on an opportunity to provide local waste and recycling services in partnership with our local councils. Being proudly 100% Kiwi owned, we knew we had created something special. Still, with an industry dominated by large foreign multinational players with purse strings beyond our wildest dreams, we knew our little Kiwi dream was going to be a real ding-dong battle. We had to be smarter, faster, and do business differently through innovation and bringing our communities with us on our journey to compete with the big offshore companies.  

Fast forward ten years, a lot of hard Mahi and a clear vision, a lot has changed for us, but not in the way we do business or our ‘Little Kiwi vs Goliath’ culture. We have grown to be the third-largest industry player, with over 350 employees in 8 locally run and established branches located across NZ.

Through a focus on innovation, we have diversified our business to include extensive resource recovery and recycling operations, bio-fuel and composting initiatives. We are also leading the development of front line technology solutions to help our customers minimise waste to landfill. We strongly support the work all kiwis are doing to create a space for future generations, and what motivates us is to be part of the solutions to create a better future for our grandchildren.

Put simply; sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. We firmly believe that without supporting our communities to thrive, and building long term investments in partnership with the communities we live in, we simply will not last the long term. We put a focus on long term sustainable outcomes which underpins ethical choices and doing the right thing always.

 We will continue to be locals supporting locals -  as being proudly Kiwi, we know you simply don’t forget your roots, my friend.