Silverdale Resource Recovery Centre

Our new Econowaste Resource Recovery Park in Silverdale has officially opened! This facility provides the public with a Transfer Station for general waste, green waste and recycling.

101 Foundry Road, Silverdale

When visiting the following rules apply:
  • Contact tracing is required (your vehicle registration will be recorded).
  • Vehicle and customer numbers will be restricted.
  • Remember to scan-in using the NZ COVID Tracer app, and turn on Bluetooth tracing.
  • You must keep a 2-metre distance from other people.
  • When inside, you legally must wear a face covering.
  • Limited cash handling. Please use Eftpos where available.
  • No assistance with unloading can be provided by staff

Opening Hours 
Weekdays: 7.30am - 5pm
Weekends: 8.30am - 4.30pm
Public Holidays: 8.30am - 4.30pm

Closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Phone: (09) 421 9111

Econowaste Silverdale Resource Recovery Centre

The upgraded Silverdale Re:Sort Centre

The recovery/Transfer Station facility - dutifully named the Silverdale Re:Sort, will aim to divert a significant portion of domestic, commercial, construction and demolition waste from landfill. The facility has been a part of Econowastes's long-term plan to provide a suitable Resource Recovery Park that can manage the growing population demands. The Re:Sort is a state-of-the-art indoor facility designed and built specifically around resource recovery. With this design type, we can now look at waste as a valuable resource that will create local jobs from repurposing waste.

Ray Lambert, Econowastes Managing director, explains, “about 5 years ago we realised the need to future proof the greater Whangaparaoa district with a purpose-built resource recovery park. The development and planning phase has been challenging, we had to ensure we remained open to the general public for continuity of service but at the same time designing and building the new facility on the same site. We have appreciated the publics co-operation and understanding during this time and know the trade-off will be worth it in the long run.” The Silverdale Re:Sort has been the most significant design and build project the company has been involved in.

Ray states the sites focus on both commercial and domestic waste is critical to meaningful waste reduction. “Many people do not realise that commercial waste accounts for a significant portion of the country’s total waste that goes to the landfill. To make any significant inroads in waste reduction, we need a better separation of commercial waste streams. A modern recovery facility like this will mean we can target and sort this waste into product streams and divert for recycling and repurposing uses”.

Econowaste Silverdale Resource Recovery Centre Interior & Exterior

Exterior and Interior of the Silverdale Resource Recovery Centre

Most would agree that the Whangaparaoa district's growth has been extreme, and a lot of infrastructure is playing catch up. “By looking at what the district needs long term in the next 30 years, we identified the Transfer Station needed to process double the current capacity with extra room for waste diversion activities. The building itself is 30m long by 44m wide, giving a total floor area of just over 1320m2. This vast sheltered area will provide the public and our staff space to sort and recover material effectively".

Econowaste has had to think smart about the future and establish sustainable end markets before building these facilities. For example, in partnership with Golden Bay cement, our Re:Fuel initiative ensures all treated and non-treated wood waste that is unable to be sold onsite is being processed and reused as bioenergy. Wood waste is one of many initiatives which will be rolled into the Silverdale Transfer Station facility in conjunction with scrap metal recycling, green waste and organic composting, and glass returned into bottles, just to name a few. The site also commits to providing a full suite of commodity recycling (cardboard, plastic, tin, alloy, and glass) to the public. It will aim to establish an onsite shop to resell recoverable goods in the not-too-distant future. The company is proud to be part of an inspiring industry-leading project, which will become a real asset to reducing waste sent to landfill.

“Our company are proud locals and have been active in serving our community for over ten years. We are one of only a handful of 100% kiwi owned waste and recycling companies, and we are looking forward to providing a sustainable and local approach to the community. The site is now fully operational for the public to dispose of their waste – hope to see you soon!”


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